Last Friday , I attended a half day seminar on “Internet Marketing and How to become an exporter without a capital “, it was a compliment for the tenant in SMESCO (the small and medium enterprise) building.

The title of the seminar is interesting enough, and I am willing to attend this seminar because I had a plan in my mind, a big plan.

We are all know that currently we live in information era, we live in “global village”, what was happening in one part of he world will quickly spread through out the world in a second. We were very much connected to each other.

I understand that although there are a lot of people currently using gadget not all of them use them for business purposes. When we use this technology effectively it will benefit us economically. I want to empower people especially somebody who currently has small business to use computer for their business, especially for their marketing and selling their product. The Internet marketing or selling can be very powerful . That’s the reason why I ATTEND this seminar.

The attendant not that many. Mostly young people, there was a lady  though, who happened to be in flooring business, she also owned a handrycraft company. But still had a problem with her website.

The seminar began, with explanation why we need to know about online business and how we could profit from this online business. Click here and there , jump from one website to another. I believe that  everybody can do it. We can learned it , either by following free tutorial on-line or attend a training , be that general or private tutorial, there are a lot of training on the subject on the internet.

The disadvantage of learning without tutor , it will take a longer time because there are a lot of information on the internet, with attending the training or tutor it will be more structured.

We  are all can learned using the internet efficiently , effectively.  It’s only  a click . It’s not a Rocket Science.


About Siti Parliah Santosa

I am Indonesian Living in Jakarta. Professional Accountant. My passion is empowering other people to achieve their best.
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