BLACK PEPPER DRINKS (Traditional drinks from Yogyakarta, Indonesia)

Currently, so many Cafe selling coffee, various kind of coffee available in the market, from world class famous franchise brand to the local one. It’s become a trend to drinks coffee after office hour. We have so many brand of instant coffees.

But have ever heard about Black Pepper Drinks? Have you ever taste how it like?

This is traditional drinks,  you can find in in Yogyakarta, Central Java . It’s healthy drinks . Our ancestors drinks it.

The ingridient are : Black pepper, Cinnamon, Cabe Jawa (piper retrofractrum Vahl. syn  P. longun)  , clove and palm sugar. Now, from the ingridient can you imagine how it’s taste. Yes, it’s very excotic. I believe this drinks is very good for the current extreme weather in Europe, where so many people freezing. 


About Siti Parliah Santosa

I am Indonesian Living in Jakarta. Professional Accountant. My passion is empowering other people to achieve their best.
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