Last Saturday I watched Metrotv Face to Face with Desi Anwar. I like this show for its always have a prominent figures as a guest. One day there were Dalai Lama, and then Richard Branson, Fernandez – the founder of Air Asia. The guest always inspire the audiences. Last Saturday the guest is Kal Muller, I never heard of him, the title under his name when the show on air, was Antrophologist.

Yesterday I had a chance to google his name and found out that he is Hungarian, Antropologist, photographer as well and he has a project in Papua supported by Freeport Indonesia, I guess.

The footage during the interview was about his project, what he have been doing in Papua. It was very interesting. He lives in Papua and planning to stay there forever. I was very impressed by his project to empower the local people.  He promoted the art of Papuan,, buy their product and also trying to get buyer for the art the Papuan made. Its very noble things to do in my opinion.

The most interesting part of all was when he said that Indonesian should know thyself. Why would people travel around the world when they did not know their own country.

There were so many attractive places in Indonesia, why would Indonesia travel overseas when in fact so many interesting thins in the country. The beautiful scenery , culture, food.

He is absolutely true about Indonesian who prefer travelling overseas for vacation, especially currently there are a lot of offers from budget airline to travel overseas, at least travel to neighbouring countries, with the lifting of departure tax now it is considered cheaper going to Singapore or Kuala Lumpur compare traveling to Papua, in the eastern part of Indonesia. The new rich would love to go to Europe or United States for vacation instead travel in Indonesia.

It’s ironic that foreigner like Kal Muller care about the welfare of Indonesian, especially Papuan. Where are the Indonesian, the Government, I think that there is a special miniter who take care the Culture and Tourism, but not significant effort has been made so far.

Well, hope you always well Kal Muller, good luck in your project and also I am hoping that more Indonesian will give more attention to their fellow in Papuan. Know thyself before you know your neighbour. 🙂



About Siti Parliah Santosa

I am Indonesian Living in Jakarta. Professional Accountant. My passion is empowering other people to achieve their best.
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