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Evening is a perfect time for drinking tea. Tea with biscuits is perfect much or we can served it with fried banana (banana fritters). Chinese and Japanese has a special rituals on drinking tea. Tea is a culture in China. … Continue reading

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     People who spent a lot of time sitting at a desk or in front of a television were more likely to die than those who were sedentary a few hours a day, according Australian study that looked at death … Continue reading

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Hidden Paradise : Kustiyah Yasin’s angle

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Most of people know Bali. Because of its nature beauty and the rich for cultural tradition some people called it Paradise on Earth. Actually it is not the only “paradise” in Indonesia. Here in Southern part of West Java, which … Continue reading

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Trying to shine some light on the importance of vitamin D or lack of it.

Trying to shine some light on the importance of vitamin D or lack of it. Low Levels can cause serious illness, but no major tests have been run By Jane E. Brody  as published in the Jakarta Post Wednesday 14 … Continue reading

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Alternative Fuel – Green Fuel

For the last few years people always searching for alternative fuel. This topic always become hot topic when the crude oil prices soar past the price of USD 100 per barrel. In our country , Indonesia  it seemed that there … Continue reading

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My Friend

When I do my post graduate in Malaysia, I have a friend name Yasmin Chairunisa Muchtar. She came from Medan. Malaysian always regards her as Malaysian, they thought that Chairunisa is Malaysian’s name. She is young, energetic and bubbly. We … Continue reading

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