After eight months working from a house in Kebayoran Baru, a suburb in South Jakarta. We’ve been informed that we are goimg to move to a new office but the date has never been fixed.  We finally moved into a “real” office in Kuningan Area, in Golden Triangle Area on March 26, 2012. But the traffic is very bad. It’s consistenly has a traffic jam, especially during rush hours.

Kuningan area is designed to become a diplomatic area, some embassy in the area, from the south we can find Hungary Embassy, Switzerland, Netherland, India, Poland and Singapore, Russia and  up in the north area near Menteng there are Australian Embassy.  Inside  Mega Kuningan itself there are some embassies as well.

Moving from Kebayoran Baru to Kuningan is just like going from “heaven” to “hell” , for so many hassle lays ahead from constantly traffic jam and changing of working hours, and difficult to fine the place to have lunch, it will take a lot of time going down stairs as we are in quite high floor, it’s almost impossible using stairs from 34th floor.

The color of the cubicle is blue, I called it Middleton’s blue as it like the color of Kate Middleton’s dress when she engaged to the Prince William of England. The carpet is matching color, has blue stripe in it and the major color is grey, the wallpaper is dark chocolate and some part of the room has a grey color, it should become a nice office if everything is in place. But now that we are still unpacking, the file boxes are everywhere.

Actually our new office has not ready yet, but management decided to move in. The room, has not fully completed, some table for managers are still stuck in the customs as they use imported furnitures for manager level and up. Some room has not tiles yet, so there dust everywhere. We are all using masker, so it look like we are in a hospital.

My room, is in east wing of the floor so in the morning, the sun shine directly come to the room, with the air condition has not perfectly functioning you can image how hot it was in the room. It turn out that the contractor does not coordinate with the building engineering how to do a proper division of the air conditioning for each room because in another part of the flor the temperature is so cool almost freezing.

It is literaly we are moving from “heaven” to “hell”, it is so hot around here in the new office to add the horor, our office (accounting & finance department) is overlooking our future home , it’s a graveyard.

Thanks God for it will always remind us where we are heading for after all.



About Siti Parliah Santosa

I am Indonesian Living in Jakarta. Professional Accountant. My passion is empowering other people to achieve their best.
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  1. Oh dear, I hope it improves for you. Perhaps a few pot plants will brighten the place up a bit, but I’m sure the main thing is to get that air conditioning fixed.

  2. Thanks God, yesterday the owner come to our office and said “It’s hot around here”. I am glad that somebody else feel the heat. 🙂
    Sure the plant will brighten our room, it seemed that no body thinks about that. Thanks for visiting my blog.

  3. I have read a few of your blogs today. I am pleased they fixed your air conditioning. I find it interesting to read of other parts of the world and experiences.
    Thank you for sharing. Have a blessed day 🙂

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