Finding A New Love Affairs.

I have been having sleepless nights for the last few days, I don not  have to hide this feeling and this love affairs for it might have a good impact for others too J.  I just  want to share this wonderful feeling of enjoyment, happiness with others…..

Since I was in University, I always interested in computer. At that time computer is merely a data processing tools, it is said that computer can handle a very large data, and it’s very fast. I know about computer is from the subject taken , Introduction to Electronic Data Processing (EDP) .

Actually I am interested in computer science but unfortunately I was majoring  in social sience when I was in senior High School, therefore I am not qualified for Computer Science.

The Computer Science has evolved rapidly, the computer has become household items and internet rule the new era, with the coming of smartphones , the world become globally connected . People now started to change to habit of shopping to on-line shopping. Not only this on-line shopping is cheaper because they offer a huge discount, but it also saving more time because we do not travel the traffic jam.  Welcome to a global world.

Last February 2012, a friend of mine recommend me to read a book “Playboy Marketing” , the book is quite thin,  and easy to read written by Ali Akbar , Pakar SEO.

Basically it is about how to optimized the search engine for business. It took me some time to figure out what was the abbreviation of SEO, it actualy means SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION. Pakar is Indonesian for Expert.

The book is very interesting to read and very inspiring.  It describe how to be come exist on-line, he recommed to have a blog, twitter and other social media tools . He suggested to write something in the blog regularly so that the people know about us, about our products.

From this book I know that there are two websites that offer free blogging, Blogspot and WordPress. 

Mr. Ali Akbar is also has a website called BISMA (Business Internet Sharing Marketing Affiliate ) Center, every body can join this community,  with optimizing other’s people business in mind , I  apply to be a member of BISMA CENTER.

At BISMA CENTER we can either optimized our business or other people business . As I have not got any business yet, I want to Optrimized others by advertising it in BISMA Center. I impressed with their tagline “ We are not only Smart , We are Profitable

I know somebody out there who has a business (especially Small and Medium Enterprise ) but does not have capacity to go on-line or just don’t into it. I also want to set up an on-line store , my product will be Bed Sheet and Bed Cover , but it looks lke the market for bedsheet is already saturated, I have not have a chance to check a research the site to check the potential of this business.

It turns out that to become a member  of BISMA CENTER takes some time.  While I was waiting for approval to become a member of BISMA Center , I started browsing WordPress and create an account with them, it’s indeed interesting that we can write .  It’s been a wonderful experience to know somebody out there, that know nothing about us reading our blog and make a comment, we can also can comment on other people blog, when they reply it, it’s something else.

I remember one of the tips from WordPress, that  blogging is not that how many follower we have but the most important thing is reading. It’s so true, I love reading Freshly Freshed, I learned a lot from it.  By reading we can get inspirations, improve  knowledge, for us who English is not our mother tongue language it really can improve our vocabulary. For example how would I know about the term “social butterfly” if I was not reading other’s blog.

Blogging is like finding A New Love Affairs, but it does not involve somebody else’s boyfriend or husband J, It’s really lift up my spirits, feeling happy , being grateful for what I have  and caring about others by checking what is happening with bloggers at the other side of the world.  First thing first in the morning I will check my inbox to read what the blogger that I follow write about, and everytime I have spare time I will check the inbox, make a few comments.

Through these blogs, I know how severe  the current economic crisis is, it’s become global looks like we are in depression. Some bloggers in their twenty something and fresh graduate hardly  could not find a a decent job .

They just take a random job to make end meets. I read a blog from Greek, on how he lost his job, and he does not have any power to defend it.

I want this new love affairs become everybody’s love affairs


About Siti Parliah Santosa

I am Indonesian Living in Jakarta. Professional Accountant. My passion is empowering other people to achieve their best.
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One Response to Finding A New Love Affairs.

  1. Nadinastiti says:

    wah Bi Ea mau bikin online shop? asikk

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